Stakeholder Workshops

SCOOT Proposals

Site Analysis

Deb gets taken around potential SCOOT sites by ACMI curators Helen Stuckey and Vincent Trundle. A sample node map of the interior of ACMI Ground level

Vincent Trundle provides image of the screens available to SCOOT on ACMI Ground Level

Debriefing Sessions

At the end of each day of installation, testing (10 days) and hosting of the event (3 days), the team would meet to discuss any observations, issues and changes to be made. Both SCOOT and ACID funded the travel of key project collaborators from Brisbane to Melbourne. ACID funded some flights while SCOOT funded other flights and all accommodation.
We felt it a very important part of the process. The collaborators were motivated throughout the development knowing that they would get to travel together and more importantly get to see players enjoy the works they had made.

  1. Formal Debriefs
  2. Informal Debriefs

Form Debrief sessions in the ACMI Boardroom. ACMI were the lead organisation for SCOOT 2005 and 2006.

Informal debriefing sessions 2006: Federation Square cafe, ACMI cafe, fav laneway cafe, homebase (ACMI arranged a house for the crew)