SCOOT Players!

At the broadest level, SCOOT wants it’s players to have a wonderful time together in local places. But more importantly SCOOT wants:

1.     to transform peoples perceived access to place as a creative muse and stage

2.     to transform peoples expected and actual behavior in these places from reverential and contemplative to expectant and playful

3.     to inspire groups to have spontaneous, novel, subversive, collaborative and creative experiences in these places

“Fantastic once we understood the concept. Excellent entertainment and met some new friends while doing the activity, thank you for the opportunity, fun & laughter.”

“Fantastic – a great way to spend a Sunday! With the family.”

As the game is experienced, participants share stories with each other and with the designers.  A number of SCOOT developers would attend the SCOOT events to observe and record player responses. These would be discussed at daily de-brief sessions at the end of each day of play. Also, at each event there were player questionnaires collected as the players complete their SCOOT missions. SCOOT appreciated that a story ‘can be read in two different ways, a naïve way and a critical way, but both types of readers are inscribed within the textual strategy”. (Eco pg 10) These narratives provided vital feedback that informed the refinement of design processes as indicators of effectiveness and limitations. For SCOOT 2006 two ethnographic researchers were involved in the observation of players. They recorded a number of player responses that were very telling of the SCOOT player experience including:

-      “You brought his world to my world” (a mother speaking of her SCOOT experience with her son while participating in the State Library of Victoria SCOOT Mission)

-      “Now everything looks like a game” (one boy talking to another boy in his SCOOT group while playing the Federation Square SCOOT Mission)

-      “I just found myself learning” (a girl playing SCOOT with her friends in the National Gallery of Victoria)