Rsources for Collaboration

Resulting Collaboration Resources

Across multiple iterations of SCOOT, I was able to identify the resources that either aided or hindered collaboration.

  1. SCOOT Story (for collaborators and players)
  2. Proposals (what SCOOT can offer stakeholders of sites)
  3. Templates (data collection and communication)
  4. Design Specifications (defining specific production needs)
  5. Integrated Scripts (nodes, node pathways, media, agents, resources etc)
  6. Media Libraries (characters, tents, music, sound, props etc)
  7. Discussion Forums (developers communication portal)
  8. Equipment and materials (a store of SCOOT favourite equipment)
  9. Social Networks (for post play player interaction and promotion)
  10. Promotional Material (posters, postcards, animations, web games, websites, media samples)

Collaboration Communications Templates

  • Project Proposal (based on the SCOOT story and assets adopted, proposals were considered and selected)
  • Proposal Progress Report (to report on any changes made or requested)
  • Installation Report (details of all components and instructions for installation, testing and maintainence)
  • Final Report (reflection of collaboration and general feedback)

Full report from the 2006 SCOOT Collaboration