Social Encounters

SCOOT is an excuse to make friends!!!

Post 2007 SCOOT Dinner

SCOOT crew out to dinner after the 2007 River Festival Event (still in their SCOOT Agent uniform!)

The SCOOT crew took post SCOOT vacations together. A well deserved break!

These images above have been provided to me by SCOOT collaborators who have posted them on their own Flickr sites to share with each other. The images demonstrate the informal social life that emerged from the SCOOT collaboration. Simon had been a collaborating programmer that had worked on a number of the SCOOT installations including Balloon Slam and Across Town in 2005 and 2006. Tom collaborated with Matt to develop the AR Creature Scanner installation in 2006. Joseph had designed and animated a number of SCOOT mini games in for the SCOOT events in 2004, 2005 and 2006. This photograph was taken when they missed the plane to Melbourne only hours before the installation was scheduled. This gave them a last minute chance to review each others work before final testing when the finally arrived in Melbourne that day.

The very top image is of the crew of the 2007 SCOOT event in Brisbane. They had arranged to all meet to celebrate completing another successful SCOOT event together. Most of the crew in this image had met working on SCOOT in 2005 and have worked together on the 2006, 2007 and 2008 SCOOT events. First they collaborated as students in return for academic credit but as of 2006 their contributions were funded by SCOOT as emerging experts in this new genre. At this dinner the crew arranged a trip up to the sunshine coast. They had taken some SCOOT signage with them that they posted on beaches and took crew photos. The image above is from Sherwin Huang’s (guy in the light coloured cap) many Flickr Sets. They took a number of SCOOT props and took photos. This SCOOT sign is of a popular SCOOT Creature, ‘Sharkie’. I love this photo… it illustrates how the SCOOT community has resonance beyond the production and event. Most of the SCOOT crew first met on the SCOOT project. This is a very satisfying part of the project for me…

On the Road, In the Air and In Between

SCOOT crew, and sometimes the extended development volunteers, get to travel together when SCOOT is commissioned by a far away city. This trips are intensive development times as we install, test and refine many of the works in limited days leading up to the event. Then there are the actual days SCOOT is hosted… and this requires a lot of attention from the crew as installations components such as monitors, computers, chords, micrphones, balls, goe astray or are damaged. Players often need support from the crew who always assist them as In-Game Agents of SCOOT. That is they maintain the SCOOT narrative as Senior Agents of SCOOT (Players are considered New Agents of SCOOT). This creates a sense of shared conspiracy between the crew and the players which is an important part of SCOOT. The image below is of Simon, Tom and Joseph who were three of twelve Brisbane students that were funded by SCOOT to travel to Melbourne as part of the installation and player observation teams for the 2006 SCOOT event.

Simon, Tom and Joe making the best out of being stranded at the airport. Missed their flight from Brisbane to Melbourne for SCOOT 3! Traffic sucked that day.