Student Developers

Both under graduate and post graduate students were invited to participate in the SCOOT Workshops.  The students were introduced to the concept of Location-based Game Design and were briefed on the details of the SCOOT project.

The students engaged in the project development process in various ways and contributed by responding to direction to:

-      propose an interactive installation to be used in SCOOT (templates provided by SCOOT)

-      propose a development plan

-      develop prototypes for review by the SCOOT team in both Brisbane and Melbourne

-      assist in remote and on-site trial events

-      complete all production with the assistance of the SCOOT Core Crew

-      prepare installation specifications and assist in the installation of the works on site

-      document and communicate the users interactions with the works (photos, interviews, observation notes and debrief session discussions)

-      participate in and contribute assets to an on-line discussion forum (provided by SCOOT)