Events Overview

SCOOT is a mixed reality game that employs web, mobile devices and public displays as tools of play to guide groups through unique public places. Normally set in a museum, university or park, SCOOT is a virtual carnival bringing pending chaos to these spaces. Players join forces with SCOOT Agency ( communicating via secret SMS frequencies to find and defeat the Dodgy Carnival Creatures that have hidden strange console games creating disturbances throughout our important cultural sites. Along the way players solve clues by seeking out facts about the sites and also participate in creative group activities.
SCOOT has been commissioned by and deployed for festivals, cultural institutions and educational organisations across Australia. Each time SCOOT improves and extends its inventory of game resources by custom designing the game play and game path/s to suit the site and the clients desired outcomes.

SCOOT dramatically increased public participation within contemporary cultural production via their creative engagement within a range of urban and virtual spaces. This acted as a powerful example for the staff of numerous support organisations (Museums, City Councils, Park Officials, Education Officers, Curators etc) of how to foster alternative experiences of both familiar and forgotten sites in new and innovative ways. By capitalising upon ubiquitous personal technologies (ie mobile phones) and local artifacts (ie artworks, signage, landmarks etc) SCOOT reinvigorated the public’s cultural, social and technical access to everyday inventories of place.

Index of Events

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2004 | Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane

Designed for the students of the Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)… situated in the new campus called the Creative Industries Precinct. Opening Event, May 2004.

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2005 | Federation Square, Melbourne

Designed for families to play together to re-discover a major city square and surrounding museums… while meeting and competing with other families.

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2005 | SCOOT Camp, Newcastle

Designed for workshop participants to design, publish and play their own SCOOT inspired mobile games. Thereby increasing the creative agency of people in public places.

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2006 | Six Muesums, Melbourne

The largest SCOOT ever! There were missions at 7 different sites across Melbourne over 3 days. Families needed to complete at least 3 to qualify.

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2008 & 2009 | Victoria University, Melbourne

Once again Omega Carnega’s Carnival has threatened to take over the Orientation Events held by the fabulous Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. There are two secret and opposing carnival crews that want YOU as their newest, brightest member.