2004 | Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane


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Documents from SCOOT CIP including the final integrated scripts at the front

to see the scrolling LED message displayed on the "Alert Drone" players must hold down a button... also triggering loud carnival sounds disturbing classes nearby

About This Event

This was the very first SCOOT experiment!!! Designed for the students of the Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)… situated in the new campus called the Creative Industries Precinct. Opening Event, May 2004.

Engagement Sequence

Students found SCOOT postcards and posters all over the campus inviting them to participate in a new game experiment to explore their new facilities. They also received strange emails on the lead up to the start of the event encouraging them to register as S’Avatars to assist with the pending chaos of Omega Carnegas Carnival. Then early one Monday morning they received an SOS SMS message from a SCOOT Agent insisting they visit the SCOOT Agency Website… there they found a virtual world that looked very similar to their campus with creatures and games… and challenges to complete SMS quests onsite. It was designed for new and continuing students to meet and interact while learning all about the layout and features of their new campus. SCOOT collaborated with a small number of students and staff to plan the event and produce the game components. The players were current students of the Faculty who had access to the spaces and facilities of a brand new campus. SCOOT used internal email lists to invite students to participate in a three day mobile game as a lead up to the official launch event.

Stakeholder Motivations

The Faculty Sponsors agreed to give SCOOT access to many of the new technologies in the site (plasmas, projectors, theatres etc) in return for the promise that SCOOT would introduce and orient students to the new space. But more importantly the Faculty wished to demonstrate their commitment to the creative and contemporary interests of the current students. After speaking to some of the new students, SCOOT also understood that the potential players were interested in finding excuses to meet and interact with other students in novel and informal ways.

Appropriating Historic and Institutional Spaces for Social Encounters

SCOOT offered the opportunity for students across disciplines and year levels to cooperate and compete, which was apparently a rare experience for them throughout their student careers. So from the beginning of the process, SCOOT began to understand the potential stakeholders involved in such an intervention and the potential value to each of the stakeholder types (authorities, students, workers, visitors etc). In some cases the needs of stakeholders conflicted. But this is where the opportunities arose for SCOOT. SCOOT was able to appropriate systems of authority (notice boards, digital displays, etc) and re-present them as game interfaces for exclusive and shared player interaction that was at times quite subversive. This was an obvious device to increase the students sense of authorship, ownership and membership to each other and the university.

Email message from the winning student

Hey Guys, I’d just like to say a massive thanks to everyone out there who entered scoot, and who ran scoot because i had so much fun along the way, and met some really great people. I know everyone who entered worked really hard and i sort of feel guilty for winning it, because so many peoples efforts deserve to be rewarded. i really really appreciate this prize, and i really appreciate all of you who felt just as silly as i did running around campus taking two looks at anything that looked remotely out of the ordinary! Cheers to everyone…” (Spunkster personal email communications: 12.05.2004 21:34)

Email message from key collaborators

“Hello All.  Just wanted to say thanks for the experience that the Scoot project has given me personally.  It was
great to work with talented and dedicated people from a  variety of fields, and see the fruits of the labor bringing  a successful result.  Good luck in all future creative endeavours!! All the best, Craig Gibbons.”
(personal email communication 14 May 2004 08:42:53)

“Another personal thank you to all for having the opportunity to work with a great variety of skilled and passionate  people. Scoot became a real talking point amongst students  and staff and its success just goes to show that there is a lot of interest in these kinds of interactive works and  events (games are here to stay). So many people have expressed their interest in Scoot, but  they have also expressed interest in possible future Scoot- like incarnations. Going by public demand and interest, such  an event just has to happen again in the near future…  doesn’t it?
Best of luck and huge well done to all involved.”
Yang Wong (personal email communiaiton Fri, 14 May 2004 18:54:29)