2008 & 2009 | Victoria University, Melbourne



About This Event

This content is taken from the Marketing material we produced for the event:

NEW STUDENTS of Victoria University are at RISK

Once again Omega Carnega’s Carnival has threatened to take over the Orientation Events held by the fabulous Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. There are two secret and opposing carnival crews that want YOU as their newest, brightest member. During orientation week the Infamous SʼAvatars and Dodgy Carnies will expect you to compete for a place. Without membership, your future life on campus will seem like a crazy carnival. SCOOT AGENCY will be there to assist you with the Initiation Activities.

Don’t miss your one and only opportunity to:

  • Form a team with other new students
  • Compete with other teams for your place in history
  • Win prizes (ipods, book vouchers, any much more)
  • Play hilarious side show games in strange places
  • oh yeah… and know how to get to your first class, the Café, Student Lounge, Library, Book Shop…

Your INITIATION dates are:

  • Tuesday 17 February at Footscray Park (Faculty of Business and Law students
  • Wednesday 18 February at Footscray Park (Faculty of Arts Education and Human Development and Faculty of Health,Engineering and Science students).
  • Thursday 19 February at St Albans You will need a mobile phone with $2 of SMS credit to participate (one mobile per team)

There will be SCOOT AGENTS on campus to assist you. Follow their clues to the Initiation Room… the rest is up to you! Will you be part of the winning crew in 2008? Good Luck.