Story Overview

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Meet the Characters!

…Still to come! This section will describe the Carnival World of SCOOT.

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Agent’s Terms of Reference

A short description of some of the Terms used in SCOOT

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How To Play SCOOT

How to prepare for, start and complete a SCOOT Episode Event

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SCOOT World Carnival

The Carnies are a group of dodgy pranksters who have taken up residence in the peaceful realm of SCOOT World after being banished from their own.

All Dimensions are at Risk!

The S’Avatars once lived in SCOOT World in peace until Omega Carnega brought her Dodgy Carnival to town. Now the Dodgy Carnies are planning to travel to your World. This can only mean trouble.

When the S’Avatars realised that the Carnies had found a weakness in the space between our worlds, they quickly set up the SCOOT AGENCY to observe and foil the plans of Omega. Omega’s gang of Dodgy Carnies have not traveled between our worlds for a long time now… but we have always suspected that they had Dodgy Plans… now we know… and you must help us or both our worlds are at risk.

As an Agent of SCOOT, you will collaborate with the S’Avatars to find their carnival games and foil their Dodgy plans. You can practice some of the games here.

A planted magazine (back and front cover above) was on display; promoting a fake Documentary and articles explaining some of the mock science behind the SCOOT World.