Meet the Characters!

The S’Avatars are the local creatures of SCOOT who need your help as their world is also being disrupted by the Dodgy Carnies. They already have some information on the location of the Carnies but need you to fill in all of the gaps to prevent the chaos the Carnies will bring. If you choose to join us you will become SCOOT Agents and fellow S’Avatars.

Click the image above to meet some of the S’Avatars at the Players website.

The Dodgy Carnies are a group of pranksters from another dimension who have taken up residence in the peaceful realm of SCOOT World after being banished from their own. Our goal is to help the S’Avatars confine their dodgy activities to SCOOT World so they do not disturb other realities.

Click the image above to meet some of the Dodgy Carnies at the Players website. Select one to view available intelligence.

The S’Avatars once lived in SCOOT World in peace until Omega Carnega brought her Dodgy Inter-Dimensional Traveling Carnival to town. Now the Dodgy Carnies are planning to travel to your World. Already, strange green boxes have started to appear throughout some of your cities favourite sites… This can only mean trouble.

When the S’Avatars realised that the Carnies had found a weakness in the space between our worlds, they quickly set up the SCOOT AGENCY to observe and foil the plans of Omega. Omega’s gang of Dodgy Carnies have not traveled between our worlds for a long time now… but we have always suspected that they had Dodgy Plans… now we know… and you must help us or both our worlds are at risk.

As an Agent of SCOOT, you will collaborate with the S’Avatars to find their carnival games and foil their Dodgy plans. You can practice some of the games here.

When a mission is underway, you will have secret access to SCOOT World via Digital Interface as shown in the image above. There you will be able to chat to the S’Avatars to receive intel and with other SCOOT Agents from your world who are also assisting. As you solve game missions, you will receive Agent points and new Agent Inventory for your S’Avatar (hats, glasses, tattoos, rocket bases etc…)

Omega Carnega has made many previous attempts to bring her Dodgy Carnival to this world. Each time the SCOOT Agency recruits new local Agents to help put a stop to her crazy carnival chaos and save the integrity of our world!

We hope you can join us on our next mission.

For now you can download this postcard from SCOOT World.