SCOOT World Carnival

The Carnies are a group of dodgy pranksters who have taken up residence in the peaceful realm of SCOOT World after being banished from their own. Our goal is to help the S’Avatars confine their dodgy activities to SCOOT World so they do not disturb other realities.
However, there have been reports of Carnie activity in your dimension… we have intel that suggests some of Omega’s Carnies have brought through their Carnival Boxes full of tricks… and installed them secretly in your world.

The SCOOT Agency is a cross-dimension organisation that is dedicated to preserving the dimensional stability between your world and ours. Our primary communications are currently operating over secret SMS frequencies. However, new technologies are always being researched for deployment in the field.

As a SCOOT Agent you will take on Missions to find the locations of these Green Boxes while collecting ‘intel’ on their activities along the way. The more you can tell us about the wonderful places of your world, the quicker the Agency can put an end to this crazy chaos.

The carnival aesthetic is important to the SCOOT objective: to make local places more playful and accessible.

SCOOT Postcard

Omega Carnega's Carnival Comes To Town