How To Play SCOOT

Front and Back of the CheerUp Mission Card. There are 4 separate Mission Codes to complete before the Location of the CheerUp Challenge is revealed.

Step one – Pre-Event:

There are now two main ways to prepare for a SCOOT Event (depending on the resources at the locations)

  1. Visit the SCOOT GAME community web site for specific event information
  2. Turn up at a SCOOT Event and find an Agent with a Mission Card that has special SMS start codes
  3. Some events have SCOOT Headquarters where you will find SCOOT Agent Interfaces with Special Registration Computers
  4. You can also train yourself by visiting the Hazard Room to practice Carnival Games that you may be challenged with during an event

Step two – Commence Play:

On a given day the participants will receive a series of SMS messages that guide them to certain artifacts in the place that are either existing in the site or have been custom made and installed for the event. These installations are normally interactive and include historic and/or aesthetic references to the uniqueness of the place (see some examples further in this document).

Step Three – Completion:

How the event ends will be designed in collaboration with the lead organizations. The experience can be resolved with the uncovering of a clue, the finding of an object, the creation of a participant artwork etc.