Agent’s Terms of Reference

Scoot World: Is another dimension. Once a peaceful place that has currently been over-run by Omega Carnegas X-Dimensional Carnival. A world both like and unlike ours. SCOOT Agency has built  a dynamic multi-user interface that can be run on a local server or served from the internetOnly S’Avatars have access to this world where you can chat with other Agents, customise your disguise, infiltrate carnival games and find clues essential to the stabilisation of all dimensions. sneek peek video

SCOOT Agency: Is a community web site for student registration information, feedback, instructions for participation and introduction to the narrative and game motivation. It also can provide a student gallery (to submit artwork and photos with commentary). Sample Site

S’Avatar: A registered SCOOT Agent (player) from various worlds at risk of a X-Dimensional Breach brought on by Omega Carnegas Travelling Carnival.

Agents: characters that provide impetus for game play and can affect the outcome of the play by providing information for the player to progress. Other players are also considered agents as they can impact upon the experience or outcomes of another player. Agents can also be actors, vendors, and receptionists that are authentic existents in the site or are planted with a game script.

Nodes: refers to a place where players will find information to progress in the game… specifically where clues and solves can be found. These places may be located in this world or others!

Game Path: a series of nodes that are followed by players as they solve clues. The game path provides impetus for game play and reveals information about the site (practical and historical) along the way.

Clue: a clue is information players usually receive as a SMS. The players are informed of a location or direction to follow and a question to solve.

Solve: A solve is an answer to a clue that is found at a node. It is usually text found on an object found on site (a sign, a building, a person, a service etc).  This text is to be SMSed back to SCOOT Agency… from which they will automatically be sent the next SMS (mission) clue.

Carnival Interventions: These have been sent to your world by Omega Carnega and her Dodgy Sideshow Carnies. These must be found by S’Avatars and reported back to SCOOT Agency. (These are custom designed and installed in a location for game play…. narrative interfaces that mix the fictional SCOOT story with historic info from the site. They are either ‘passive’,  ‘interactive’ or ‘performance’ installations.)

Passive Installations: these are normally animations, sound recording, signs and displays etc (Tent-4-Rent)

Interactive Installations: that can include touch screens, projectors, web cams, animations, games etc. (Creature Capture)

Performance Installations: are normally installations using sound or video input from player interactions (Balloon Slam)

Scoot Game Engine: a custom application developed for each game event (location) that handles play results (based on player interaction/progress).

Scoot Mobile System: is a mobile communications application that receives, interprets and broadcasts all of the SMS content according to the rules of the game engine.