Museums and Park Artifacts

These are game interfaces that occur authentically in the site… they are used as part of the SCOOT game path. Players need to find these nodes to resolve a SMS challenge. These authentic artefacts (signs, furniture, paintings, sculptures, etc) contain historic information relevant to the SCOOT story.

Authentic node images

The Melbourne Museum, State Library of Victoria, and Federation Square

Click on the image to see other Authentic Interfaces integrated into SCOOT game in 2006.

These are nodes selected as points of interest authentic to the physical (real) locations of SCOOT. These are normally artefacts such as displays, artworks, didactics, street signs, landmarks, etc. This is how the stories and objects are integrated into the game experience. These represent the existing objects and established conventions of place. They are part of the place-based system of communication that influences, guides, determines and motivates human interaction and reflection. SCOOT is played in specific institutional spaces to specifically bring into question the very systems of communication inherent that can both inspire and inhibit human interaction and cultural agency. In museums and galleries the artefacts are presented as highly valued and culturally significant. SCOOT re-presents these curated works in a game narrative as a way to shift the authoritative perspective and make them more accessible and relevant to a family