Memory Drone

The Memory Drones were small, stand-alone puzzle nodes containing a ‘matching pairs’ style flip card game, which were styled based on characters relevant to the narrative at that node. A player was required to eliminate all the pairs of cards with a limited number of attempts in order for the character to reveal the solve to a clue in the greater LBG.

When S’Avatars (Players) encounter the Drones, they receive an secret code via SMS. They must turn the dial to match the code and unlock the Drone (like a dial safe). This way the Drone is only exclusively for SCOOT players. Then the Memory Card game must be completed in 3 attempts before the message screen appears with instructions for continuing with the game.

Observations of player interactions

Memory Drones were located across the different sites used for SCOOT. Each of the alert drones was essentially the same puzzle, with different graphics and text. This consistency provided the player with a sense of familiarity across the physically separated locations.

The Memory Drones were small and could be hidden away in more ‘secretive’ locations, but instantly identifiable once spotted. As such the appeal of the Memory Drones had as much to do with the hunt for their whereabouts as it did with the puzzles they contained.

Flip Card Images

The Memory Drones Carnival Tent and Play Interface

four drones


  • Shu-Min Heng
  • Yang Wong
  • Deb Polson

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