The Ghost of Gas and Fuel

SCOOT pays homage to the Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers. Twin towers built over railway yards where Federation Square now stands. Built of 50s brown brick with small aluminum windows ‘giving vertical emphasis to horizontally focused buildings‘.

Built in 1967 period in the Internationalist style.
Architects were Leslie M. Perrott and Partners

“Removal of the towers will provide the opportunity for a project which enables us to capitalise on these assets which are known worldwide as the landmark images of Melbourne. “We will be able to create a notable gateway to the city and enhance the public amenity of the area.” The Premier Mr Kennett said todays contract signing had brought an end to a saga which had remained undecided for far too long under the former Government. At least one architect wrote an impassioned letter to The Age newspaper stating that the twin blocks should and must be retained as a particularly fine example of the architecture of their period.

We represented the Gas and Fuel building in THREE ways during SCOOT 2005 and 2006 hosted in the city of Melbourne, Federation Square.

  1. As a friendly two headed creature in the SCOOT virtual World
  2. As a large inflatable creature in the real world… installed in it’s original setting.
  3. Large video display that told the story of the history and the creatures relationship to the site.