The Ghost of Drill Hall

Inspired by the local military history

Inspired by the historic information about the site, I began to write up a support narrative and possible scenarios for traversing through the both the virtual and physical worlds of the game. Although the history of the site is mostly connected with a military past, I did not want to concentrate on the normal game tropes surrounding soldiers and battles. However this story did raise my curiosity :

“Legend has it that, in 1939, an adjutant fell from one these mounting blocks when his horse became uncontrollable. The adjutant died after he split his skull and his ghost is said to haunt the Artillery Drill Hall.”

The mounting block, on which this unfortunate soldier met his fate, is heritage listed and therefore still exists on the site. In fact, there are rows of these blocks spread across the main thorough fare and when the Precinct first opened you would constantly hear people comment on how dangerous they looked. So this became a wonderful opportunity to link current discussions on the site to the historic stories that are present but not seen.

So the game story was initiated by this soldier. Basically the soldier is unaware that the accident at the mounting block created some kind of spatial rift and that he now exists as a ghost in 2 worlds… the current world of the CIP AND the parallel world of SCOOT that is situated in virtual space.Once the players had registered to play (an on-line form) the game would start on Day 1 with an earlier morning SOS message from the soldier desperate for you to help escape from the chaos of the Carnival World of Scoot and return him to the Mess that he shares with the other artillerymen.
It becomes the players quest to find the soldier character…

1939 node

Players (S'Avatars) came across the Ghost Soldier who is lost and needs your help

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Here is an example of how competing students (Colleen and Hamish) meet at game ‘nodes’. Some students carry notes from the SCOOT World (where creatures give them criptic clues)… in the background is Adam. Adam is a Secret Agent planted on site to observe players. If he found any players having any difficulty, he would give them hints.

Colleen, who started as a student player has now worked as a key member of the SCOOT crew in 2008 and 2009… as Community Manager and Event Coordinator… and Hamish was invited to produce a very special SCOOT animation in 2006 to illustrate the relationship between SCOOT Characters and historic facts…