POOK: Play Book

Description of game play:

Pook was embedded in the reading room of the State Library of Victoria as a SCOOT themed electronic book.  The game play involved players reading through a collection of dossiers of particular SCOOT characters, at the same time collecting symbolic clues.  After all of the dossiers had been studied, the player was required to draw the collected symbols correctly on a graphics tablet in order to reveal the solve for a clue in the greater LBG.

Observations of player interactions:

Pook was physically the smallest of the SCOOT installations, allowing it to be concealed, to an extent within its environment.  Its obvious SCOOT branded aesthetic made it instantly recognisable when found making the hunt to discover Pook a game victory in itself.  The investigative nature of the game also tied players strongly to the environment in which it was embedded.

Being one of the more isolated installations along the game path, inter-group interactions tended to be more intimate compared with some of the larger, spectator friendly installations.

Game Designer: Katy Andrews