SCOOT IP Transfer

The three images above demonstrate the process of knowledge transfer from SCOOT to the MiLK project.

  • A screen grab of the original SCOOT Camp prototype trailed with a group of Australian artists in Newcastle in 2005. This is the ‘Create a Puzzle’ that later became the ‘Add Checkpoint’ screen on the MiLK prototype developed in 2008. The interface is a direct translation of the ‘Node Template’ and ‘Game Path Script’.
  • This is a screen grab of the second iteration of the SCOOT Camp interface that informed the final MiLK and Cipher City game ‘Build’ screens. This screen was an attempt to include the valuable details that would have previously been collected on a ‘Candidate Node Template’.
  • This is a screen grab of the Milk ‘Add Checkpoint’ interface.  This now also contains an interactive ‘Node Map’ to situate the SMS ‘Checkpoints’.