Dodgem Tent-4-Rent

Somehow we convinced the lovely people of the local Ray White Real Estate Office to allow us to appropriate a few of their window plasma displays for the 2007 River Festival Event. For this event, SCOOT ran for 3 days and nights. The night missions included this node as it looked especially good lit up at night.
Normally at night Ray White would run a number of info slides advertising properties for rent and sale.
So one of the Dodgy Carnies, FunGas, decided to rent out one of Omega Carnega’s Carnival Tents… and advertised here.
The SCOOT players (S’Avatars) would get a message from SCOOT Agency needing more intell on this as part of a mission.

Ray White Appropriation

FunGas advertises the Dodgem Tent... It's whereabouts must be found!