The Evolving Worlds of SCOOT

There have been 3 major iterations of SCOOT World. These Virtual Worlds are exclusively only available to players during an event. Any ongoing interactions with SCOOT World happen in the ‘Public Interfaces’ once the players have all completed their missions.

1) SCOOT CIP – Designed as a warped parallel version of the Creative Industries Precinct where the very first SCOOT game was hosted in 2004

2) SCOOT Federation Square – this version was much more glamorous. It had 2 main level – INTERIOR of ACMI and EXTERIOR of Federation Square – again parallel (carnival) versions of the real world.

3) SCOOT WORLD (proper). This is the final version where SCOOT World is a whole other place in space and time. A carnival world where players could play games, check their status during an event, chat with other players, customise their S’Avatars etc…

A video walkthrough of SCOOT World Version 3

SCOOT CIP Screengrab

SCOOT World Version One: CIP 2004

Version 1

Programmer: James Quinn-Hawtin

Graphic Production: Corin Edwards


Version Two SCOOT World: 2005 Federation Aquare


Version Three (final): SCOOT World proper

Version 2 and 3

Programmer: Yang Wong

Graphic Production: Shu-Min Heng

Communication Server Programmer: Dave Wallace